Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time For an Update

Thought it time I added some more, so decided to write what we currently have planned for a few ports. Will do them in the order we are visiting and will do the first 4 now. It will be interesting to see what the final decisions we make are and see if we kept to our plan. At the moment it is a mix of private and Princess tours, with probably more Princess tours. Except for Katie having been to KL before the rest of the places are all unknowns! So being novices we are happy to take the tours in a lot of very popular places with Princess in the knowledge that they have been there done that ( and they will wait for late tour buses) and being the height of the tourist season , tourist coaches don't have to queue like the general public at a lot of the more popular attractions. As each port is only a day we were never going to get a in depth local view of too much, but am more than excited being able to see so much in the one trip and this will give me an idea of the places I want to see more of. Probably all of them.......let alone Alaska, the Northern Lights, Terracotta Warriors to name a few more not going anywhere near on this trip. (Best I start investing in Lottery tickets :)

But back to the first port of call Darwin. We intend doing one of the infamous “Jumping Crocodile Tours”. Even though Katie has had her own crocodile for work, ( Gucci is only a metre long ) , we still want to see the big crocs in their own habitat. After the cruise there may be time to do some last minute shopping in Darwin to get things that some-how escaped my brilliant lists!

For a true "Top End" adventure travel to the Adelaide River for a scenic cruise in search of the famed "jumping crocs" - the crocodiles shoot out of the water in pursuit of their prey!

Board your riverboat for an approximately 60-minute cruise along the murky waters of the Adelaide River, home to the most dangerous reptile in Northern Australia. These huge salt-water "jumping crocodiles" are the stars of your fascinating cruise, shooting out of the water in pursuit of their prey. The river is also home to a wide range of wildlife including Magpie geese, Kites, corellas, wild pigs and buffalo.

Board your tour transfer bus at the pier and travel through Darwin. Drive south on the Arnhem Highway to the vast wetlands near the mouth of the Adelaide River, keeping an eye out for the area's unique wildlife and flora.

Singapore :- We weren't sure what to do here but Katie has a friend from Uni who has just returned back to her home in Singapore, so we are hoping that because it will be a Sunday we will have our own private tour guide in Shuling. If not,  then we think we can manage to get around on our own.

Kuala Lumpur :- I'm trusting Katie here as she has been 3 times, mind you one was a school excursion, the 2nd was a weekend away from Padang Uni in Indonesia with some friends and the 3rd was a speaking contest. So not sure she was taking much notice thinking that one day she'd be responsible for her mother's sightseeing and shopping pleasures! We will probably use the Princess shuttle from the port to KL for the convenience

Langkawi :- When we first started looking into things to do here,  there was zip-lining available through Princess but in this year's brochure it has been taken out. Mind you this was probably the only port that we weren't in agreement on on things we wanted to see and do. Katie was happily going to do the zip- lining through the canopies and I was looking to do the more sedate mangrove cruise. But now that she can't do that with Princess (probably could privately but now happy to change), we will do this one with Princess.

WHAT YOU VISIT: Kilim Marine Park WHAT YOU DO: Leisurely guided paddle on 2-man kayaks LUNCH: Lunch accompanied by beverages at the Fish Farm in Kilim Park - additional beverages available for purchase 
WHAT YOU SEE: Delicate ecosystem of tidal mangrove forest, isolate islands, lagoons and dramatic limestone rock formations with fanciful names WILDLIFE: The park is home to brown eagles, tree crabs, iguanas and Macaque monkeys Kilim Marine Park is a delicate ecosystem of winding rivers, mangrove forests, isolated islands and dramatic limestone rock formations. Explore this fascinating place on 2-man kayaks. Paddle into the Bat Cave and view the Elephant Stone and the Hanging Gardens. The park is also home to brown eagles, Macaque monkeys and tree crabs.
Transfer to a motor launch for the approximately 3/4 hour cruise to your departure point in Kilim. After basic instruction and a safety briefing, set out on a leisurely paddle through this ecosystem of tidal mangroves, lagoons and isolated islands. The preserve is dotted with dramatically shaped limestone formations including the Temple of Borobodur, the Elephant Stone and the Hanging Gardens. Explore Gua Kelawar, the Bat Cave, and keep watch for brown eagles, tree crabs, iguanas and Macaque monkeys. Your destination is the Fish Farm, located within the mangroves.
Lunch is served among the mangroves at the Fish Farm. Additional beverages are available for purchase at the restaurant.
Enjoy views of Langkawi's dramatic coastline of isolated bay and islets during the ride to and from your kayak departure point.