Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 2012

Well there you go, I haven't looked at this blog in quite a while and I see that last time I was here I was counting down my New Zealand cruise. And wasn't it a wonderful cruise. The Sea Princess is just about identical to the Dawn so I felt very comfortable as soon as i boarded. In fact when I caught up to my sister and Louise in the Horizon Court for lunch after boarding I sat there, looked around and said "Yep I feel like I'm home!"
I had decided for the NZ cruise I wouldn't blog, I just wanted to get on and enjoy the ship and ports and not plan anything. Although I did plan a trip to the Thermal things in Rotorua, otherwise we just got off and went with the flow. I'll do the ports and pics in the next week or three..................
I must be used to missing ports because we missed Napier due to bad weather and all I could think was, gee another excuse to return to NZ on a cruise!
After getting home I thought that would be cruising for me as I didn't know anyone who would be cruising again, and I'm still not sure I'd do it alone, but never say never. When lo and behold my sister sends me a text asking what I think of a cruise to see the Solar Eclipse next November and before you know it, we have booked that cruise for Nov this year. Back on the Dawn and looking forward to another 11 days of bliss.
I'm still checking on the Princess website for what the have coming up......there is a 90 day Med cruise from Sydney to Sydney in 2013, but unless I win the lottery or save until 2020 or so, that will be a dream :)