Wednesday, October 1, 2014

26 days to go!

What an actioned packed few weeks until my cruise. I retire from work on the 22nd, I made that decision a week ago. Well more signed on the dotted line last week. I had been contemplating it anyway as I turn 55 next Feb anyway.

So while I finish up things at work I also have to concentrate on making sure I have everything under control for this cruise......

Two days after I finish work its off to Sydney to fly to Singapore for 2 nights before cruise.

So am getting excited and can't wait to explore and compare the Diamond to the 3 girls.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Booked another two

Still not final payment time for my Singapore trip, that's in about 6 weeks....but in the meantime I have booked another 2 cruises!

They are actually back-to-back (B2B). When I heard that Princess was bringing another ship to Australia next year and one I've never been on The Golden , I thought here is my chance to bring the new ship home to Oz  for her season here.

So I booked the cruise before she sails here which is a 10 night round trip to Alaska from San Francisco. Followed by 28 nights across the Pacific via Hawaii and New Zealand (and others) to Sydney. Golden Gate to Harbour Bridge. With Alaska being a long time dream of mine.

All up it is 38 nights on board, I'll see how I go with my 19 nights alone from Singapore :) If I hate it I can cancel.........

On the Alaska leg I have booked a Window Suite.......which means for the first time I won't have a balcony but I will have the suite perks. I'll see how that goes. And for the trip across the Pacific I have another Emerald deck mini suite (like Singapore) but this time its the farthest aft with an extended balcony.........

Hope I don't get too addicted to these mini suites and window suites! But I'm sure I'll be happy going back to a balcony,  and pretty sure I could never do an inside, even if it meant more cruising .

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home and booked another

I managed 10 days solo, and towards the last days thought yep....don't want to get off! The Sun was beautiful after her refit, and the addition of the International Cafe is a big plus. I didn't get lonely and ate dinner nearly every night in MDR and shared the table with another solo girl from New York. There was originally 4 of us but 2 gave up after 2 nights , no big loss. It was nice to chat to Renate and hear how her day went and her views of her excursions and life in general. We still are keeping in contact via email every week or so.

The same as all previous cruises there was plenty to do or not do if that is what I felt like at the time. I could read/sit on my balcony and watch the world float by, actually saw some dolphins. I was on deck 10 port side forward, a nice spot to be. But then all spots are nice!

I shopped a bit (lot), watched some shows, walked the promenade, didn't take the lift. Actually I have only done that once on Princess in 78 days, pretty good. Not sure how that will be in 5 or 10 years time though!

I also checked out the spa a couple of times, I needed to see how it was in comparison to my other cruises......and the answer is as relaxing as ever.

I had a swim or two in the pools, sat in the hot tubs, in Port Douglas I had the aft pool all to myself :)

Decided to buy 2 future cruise credits whilst in board just in case......and sure enough after a week back I was checking out other cruises.

Booked the brand new Regal maiden trans Atlantic from Venice to Fort Lauderdale, but after a week or so or looking at 4 flights and 2 lots of hotels and combinations in between, I decided to cancel that and book The Diamond from Singapore to Sydney.

That way I can fly there and shop all the way home without worrying about luggage weights!!

I have booked a mini suite on Emerald deck as I discovered they are fully covered just like I am used to. And also am much closer to the water than I am used excited to be on a different ship to explore. But am thinking it will feel like home again when I set foot on just have to wait 10 months!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Final Payment

Well I have now paid for the cruise, taken out insurance and checked on the progress on the $30m upgrade to the ship happening now in Singapore. She will no longer be basically the same as her sisters Dawn and Sea which I have been on, part of the refurbishment includes an International Cafe, Sushi Bar, Barbeque and update of Horizon Court. (and other stuff!) . So am looking forward to seeing it and noting the differences, might have to do the Ultimate Ship's tour like I have on the Dawn and Oosterdam.
New countdown clock says 85 days, so am pretty happy with that!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

QLD Coastal

Well I didn't get to do the other half. New grandson and other things got in my way, so after having no cruise booked for a few months I got withdrawals so booked this little 10 day cruise. That way I have something to look forward to each day at work :)

I will get to do the Panama canal one day when I retire....and Alaska and and and

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Other Half

Been a while between posts.........again. I never did get back to post on each New Zealand port, never mind they were all good. But I have just paid a deposit for half next year's World Cruise,yay! Well nearly half, last time I went to Dover and this time I leave from New York and sail to Sydney. I could have started this time on Dover but decided with the money "saved" on starting in NY I can have a few days pre sailing there to look around. While I would be more than happy to visit London/England again, best to keep trying new places first.

Though if you ever did read my last blog I never thought I'd get to travel again and since then have cruised to NZ and have a Solar Eclipse cruise up the QLD coast and over to New Caledonia in November, this time with Holland America (all the others are Princess). And then my new "Half the World" in July 2013 for 38 days. Solar Eclipse is with Di and Louise same as NZ and Half World is by myself (first time solo)

Did think about starting a whole new blog but the title of this one fits nicely. I am very happy to be doing the Panama Canal as it completes my 2 canals :)

Shall list the ports another time and also will give my view on HAL cruise on the Oosterdam in November, I have an aft cabin with a balcony which is pretty exciting as when doing laps of the Promenade on Princess we would always stop at the back and watch the wake or walk to the back on deck 11 and do the same......

Nice to remember those things on such a wet cold wintery day here at home.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 2012

Well there you go, I haven't looked at this blog in quite a while and I see that last time I was here I was counting down my New Zealand cruise. And wasn't it a wonderful cruise. The Sea Princess is just about identical to the Dawn so I felt very comfortable as soon as i boarded. In fact when I caught up to my sister and Louise in the Horizon Court for lunch after boarding I sat there, looked around and said "Yep I feel like I'm home!"
I had decided for the NZ cruise I wouldn't blog, I just wanted to get on and enjoy the ship and ports and not plan anything. Although I did plan a trip to the Thermal things in Rotorua, otherwise we just got off and went with the flow. I'll do the ports and pics in the next week or three..................
I must be used to missing ports because we missed Napier due to bad weather and all I could think was, gee another excuse to return to NZ on a cruise!
After getting home I thought that would be cruising for me as I didn't know anyone who would be cruising again, and I'm still not sure I'd do it alone, but never say never. When lo and behold my sister sends me a text asking what I think of a cruise to see the Solar Eclipse next November and before you know it, we have booked that cruise for Nov this year. Back on the Dawn and looking forward to another 11 days of bliss.
I'm still checking on the Princess website for what the have coming up......there is a 90 day Med cruise from Sydney to Sydney in 2013, but unless I win the lottery or save until 2020 or so, that will be a dream :)