Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home and booked another

I managed 10 days solo, and towards the last days thought yep....don't want to get off! The Sun was beautiful after her refit, and the addition of the International Cafe is a big plus. I didn't get lonely and ate dinner nearly every night in MDR and shared the table with another solo girl from New York. There was originally 4 of us but 2 gave up after 2 nights , no big loss. It was nice to chat to Renate and hear how her day went and her views of her excursions and life in general. We still are keeping in contact via email every week or so.

The same as all previous cruises there was plenty to do or not do if that is what I felt like at the time. I could read/sit on my balcony and watch the world float by, actually saw some dolphins. I was on deck 10 port side forward, a nice spot to be. But then all spots are nice!

I shopped a bit (lot), watched some shows, walked the promenade, didn't take the lift. Actually I have only done that once on Princess in 78 days, pretty good. Not sure how that will be in 5 or 10 years time though!

I also checked out the spa a couple of times, I needed to see how it was in comparison to my other cruises......and the answer is as relaxing as ever.

I had a swim or two in the pools, sat in the hot tubs, in Port Douglas I had the aft pool all to myself :)

Decided to buy 2 future cruise credits whilst in board just in case......and sure enough after a week back I was checking out other cruises.

Booked the brand new Regal maiden trans Atlantic from Venice to Fort Lauderdale, but after a week or so or looking at 4 flights and 2 lots of hotels and combinations in between, I decided to cancel that and book The Diamond from Singapore to Sydney.

That way I can fly there and shop all the way home without worrying about luggage weights!!

I have booked a mini suite on Emerald deck as I discovered they are fully covered just like I am used to. And also am much closer to the water than I am used excited to be on a different ship to explore. But am thinking it will feel like home again when I set foot on just have to wait 10 months!

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