Monday, November 8, 2010

Shots !

I went to the doctor to see what I needed in the way of needles, was hoping nothing cause I am fairly allergic to needles (think petrified) but knew I wasn't going to get off that easily. Luckily I had had a tetanus etc booster a year or so ago, so am only in need of combined typhoid/hep A. I don't need to face that until early next year and figured with the cruise getting so much closer my excitement should out-weigh my fear by then......

Prior to seeing the doctor I had some routine blood tests taken, cholesterol was good as were the rest, though I was expecting my iron to be low but it was also fine but there was one that wasn't so good........apparently I am Vitamin D deficient. My thoughts on that was seeing as though it is now only routinely tested for, I'm sure there are lots of folks who are also deficient. Doctor told me I will need to take calcium and vitamin D indefinitely, but my cure will be a nice long cruise, I'm sure to manage some sun during that!
And speaking of cruises, I couldn't help it, I booked Katie and I on a 3 day cruise from Melbourne to Sydney in March on the same ship we are going on in May. That way we will at least have stepped foot on a ship before we embark on our adventure in under 200 days (Yay!!)

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  1. I think everyone I know is Vitamin D deficient...I was deficient and I just came back from a cruise when I had the test... should take something for it ... but I am more diligent in spending some time outside LOL...