Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bought some things!!

Last week just after I posted my list of things to buy I found some new message boards with more things I will 'need' on the cruise, which only adds to the thrill of anticipation. With 205 days to go, I am sure I don't need any motivation to keep me excited, but adding to my lists is a sure fire way of wasting time and not doing housework. Next week my countdown clock will be under 200 and when its gets to under 100 then I will start the panicking......
I have already bought 2 of the things from my list, a pop up laundry hamper (in place of the cottony laundry bag from list), which I like already so am using now for practise, so guess I'll have to buy another one to put away for the trip, I also bought the hangy thing for bathroom.
I should really add clothes to my lists because I hate clothes shopping and that is the area that I will be most stressed about. I always pack far too much even for a weekend visit to relatives, so packing and buying for over 2 months away is going to be a big challenge. Lets hope the stress of it all makes me lose some pre-cruise weight!!! ha ha


  1. Are you joining us for clothes shopping in Melbourne late November?

  2. knew there was some-thing on that I remember! Will work on it.