Saturday, March 19, 2011

Can now say we have cruised

We have now seen the Dawn Princess, our home for 53 nights in May. It was wonderful, except that Katie felt seasick most of the time. She was fine walking and eating but sitting wasn't very good......but at least we did discover that ginger does no good, dramamine does, but just sends her to sleep and lying down also helps! So needless to say she didn't venture out onto our balcony or look out at the view (rolling sea) unless we were stationary in Melbourne and Sydney harbours. Never mind, we will go the wrist band/doctor drugs route for her next time.
Our toothbrushes enjoying it out on the balcony door

We managed to find our way around the ship with the aid of the small map and the signs near the stairs/lifts advising what was on each deck! After seeing and tasting all the food I have decided we did the right thing by using the stairs and not the lifts, we will also do this in May......our deck is 11 and the dining is on 5, so a good excuse to walk off the desserts. I also enjoyed a walk around the promenade deck in the rain and wind while Katie had a lie down, I needed it after the icecream cones we had just devoured. And I will admit to losing my sense of direction a couple of times by thinking that I was facing the front of the ship (we had just done a loop of the Horizon Court buffet looking for a seat) which in fact I wasn't as Katie pointed out, and then she decided to test me a few times throughout the trip by asking,  "which way are we facing now?"  I'm sure I'll be fine come May!!!
Had to have a cocktail :)

A couple of things I thought I would try out before the big cruise  :- 
Note magnets on wall and Katie's legs not mine!
Using magnets on the walls was a great thing, I had bought some that were clips as well so they held paperwork and our lanyards. I also used 2 pegs on the bottom of the shower curtain, it didn't grab our legs at all but I didn't try it without to see if it would. The beds weren't as hard as I was expecting after reading many posts about them, but we will probably take our own pillows. Katie will be buying a Kindle after seeing how great mine was, we both love reading.

All in all (apart from seasickness) we both decided that we could see no reason at all not to absolutely love being on the Dawn Princess for nearly 2 months. Plenty to do when in ports and plenty to do (or not) while at sea.
Lifejacket drill
My shirt matches the life jacket


More Atrium

More Atrium, it was impressive!


  1. Fresh air actually does wonders for me when I am feeling queasy. The trick is to keep your eyes on the horizon, which is stationary, and not watch things that are moving up and down with the ship's movement.

  2. great review Helen..... one thing I can't do ... is when garry and I go for a coffee in the patisserie and we sit on the stools by the window.... if I look out at watch the waves splash up against the boat it makes my tummy go all over the place... I love watching it ... but it doesn't agree with me too much LOL...

  3. Katie was actually fine drinking a cocktail out on the promenade deck, but now I think about it, we were still in Port Phillip Bay! We didn't get to the patisserie but certainly plan too :) Did get to the pizzeria though mmmmm
    Katie actually bought some wristbands today, so those and drugs and a few days at sea and she'll be good.