Monday, April 25, 2011

Less than 30 Days

Just looked at the countdown clock and it says 29 days 11 hours and 11 minutes, and the waiting is now getting to me! Seems like a long time but all those things I have put off until after Easter, well they will need doing very soon. Things like, booking the car in for its service, getting the hair cut and coloured, buying the last of the things from the lists, cancelling papers, teeing up mower man, sorting out pot plants, trying to squeeze 2 months worth of clothes into the suitcase, chucking out things from said suitcase so I can fit more shoes in........
And most importantly trying all the "old wives tales " on Meg so my first grand daughter makes an appearance before we have to travel to Sydney to sail away for 53 wonderful days......mmmmmmmmmm.
Did I mention I'm over the waiting ? As are the folks from work who are probably sick of hearing about the trip but who have patiently listened to me for the past year or so!
And I think I'll need to ditch some of my shoes as there are a couple of friends who intend stowing away in my suitcase , they promise to behave :)


  1. old wives tales.... cod liver oil... long walks .... and sex..... all guarranteed to bring on labour LOL

  2. yeh ha ha, can't imagine we'll have much luck convincing her of the cod liver oil and when you are 9 months pregnant the other 2 aren't very appealing either!

  3. Lots of spicy food! I'm over the waiting too.... Ready to go now (except that I have heaps to do before we leave)