Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gibraltar, Lisbon and Le Havre

In Europe looking at Africa......Half way up Rock of Gibraltar
Bit higher up the rock
And they weren't in a cage just other side of a fence -
He jumped up just to prove it
But this little one was so cute
This one ran down and stole a sign from the van.....
Guides were allowed to feed the apes, the little ones!
Anything bigger than this bloke and it would have been interesting
It was fun
Despite lack of smile on my face
Still had sunnies off, didn't want the monkeys to steal them
Always got a shot of "home" if we had the chance, she is in front of a much bigger ship.....
This looked sillier in person, chihuahua and rotty!
Why not use a prop when you can
A rather healthy lunch :) mmmmm fats and carbs mmmmm
Amazing where we came across canons, but gee we were in ports that needed protecting ....
words fail me for this caption....
Katie's turn at a different phone box
Now onto Lisbon, the town from where we docked
Could explain the 2 lots of drugs dealers we saw offering stuff
Ray and Paula in their Go Car
Carmen and Neale our brilliant navigators
Ray and Paula making sure we don't lag behind and get lost
And I thought all the waves we got were because we looked cool :) I forgot about our hair nets!
On the road....the right hand side, was a challenge
Some building we went past, but I was too busy concentrating to notice
We got overtaken at one point !
Back in order, us in the middle
Half way time out........
Sangria for lunch ...mmmmm
Beautiful streets
Yep another  port another gelati
And this at a petrol pump on side of road........interesting
Katie with Vincent and Leo in the background on our last night in the MDR
Last port Le Havre, only port with bad weather, but still had a good day
Our french breakfast in a cafe
French macarons
Le Havre in the rain,had pretty parts to it
Our menu in French that we figured out, then we got it in English and we were right :)
Yep an omelette, they look like this and taste so good
The cafe was close to the port
Make sure you take big steps on this crossing!
Well we had to buy some and bye bye to cruise

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