Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keeping my 3 official followers amused

Thought it a good idea to try and write a new entry at least once a fortnight leading up to the trip.I don't want to be voted "the most boring blog ever written" . Hopefully now that Katie has finished Uni (hooray) but sadly not work, she may find time to write amusing things in here, I did make her an author as well the other day while I was working my way around this site.
While a lot of people tick off places around the world they visit, I'm looking forward to Darwin as it will be my Autralian place to 'tick' off as being the only state/territory that I haven't visited. But in 10 months time I will have a few world places I can 'tick' off as well!
I came across a couple of lists I had written down of things that I will need to take with me as advised by many seasoned cruisers and decided to put them here now and then see how many I do take and how many I do use and how many other things I wished I had taken. (and this will also change the lists from scraps of paper to something more, organised......)
So in no particular order :- magnets, zip-lock bags, cotton scarves, binoculars, post it notes, hair conditioner, coffee mugs with lids, clothes pegs, rain poncho, power board, hangy thing for bathroom, night light for same, cottony bag for wet laundry, highlighter, soft pillows, sunlight soap, stretchy shopping bags. Now the list isn't comprehensive (and reading it now it looks quite small!) or a stocktake of what I will take and because I have to travel back by plane I'm hoping to donate things like the power board to the cruisers who will be joining at Dover or elsewhere who also aren't going all the way around.
But for now it is my 1st list but I'm sure it won't be my last.


  1. Here's an unofficial follower ... I prefer to do my following via RSS feeds, so I'll be here, though invisible. Still a few years away from retirement, so I'm living long voyages vicariously through the words and pictures of others :-)))

  2. Hello Helen and Katie
    have just found your blog... congratulations...
    what I found during this cruise we just got off was finding the time to write and upload...

    as long as the writing stays up to date the upload can happen anytime... I also found having a pen and paper handy to write down tidbits to remember really handy if you don't write your blog straight away... ( good on long bus rides LOL )

  3. Thanks for that, I was concerned about missing out on things on board while trying to keep this going with daily entries! Guess the family and friends will just have to figure that no news on here means we are having far too much fun! Your QLD trip sounded like a good time, you did a great job with blog and cc message board...:)