Monday, May 23, 2011

Away we go

Well it's nearly away we go, just need to finish packing, drive to Sydney via Moss Vale to visit family tomorrow, then one more sleep after that and it will be "away we go" !!
I have now decided that if it isn't packed or done .......its too bad. My brain has actually given up thinking but hopefully that function returns once we are on the ship. At least all my lists that were blu-tacked around the study have gone, so I am assuming that I have done them all.
No sign of granddaughter arriving before we go tomorrow, oh well she'll come when she is ready, not when we all want her to.
My next entry will be from the Dawn Princess and hopefully I will post every day so I have a journal of what I got up to (all good things !)
Grant and I 1986, he is about to become a dad himself :)

1 comment:

  1. Hello Aunty Helen,
    Your age plus consumption of alcohol isn't a good mix , so don't expect the memory function to return.Can't believe you have two big events in your life happening at the same time...correction, yes I can.Have the bestest time ever and when you return I bet you'll be re-booking.Love Linda xx