Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 6 Darwin

Just a quick update as we are in port and I can post using my Optus credit on the IPhone. Last time I can do that until we find free wifi in other ports. This morning we did the Jumping Croc Tour with Princess on the Adelaide River. It was really good, as well as the crocs being fed, they also fed some kites. They were amazing they grabbed the small bits of meat in their claws and then ate the meat on the fly. After that the bus dropped us down town and we had lunch and wandered about and bought some stuff. But .......the 2 bottles of wine we bought were confiscated and will be returned at Dover. The officer said the policy about wine had changed last month. I'm sure some folks will have managed to bring it on as we saw some passengers not even going through the whole x-ray part that most of us did. Nothing much planned for the rest of the day but might post some pics after Katie's camera has recharged later. Still no grand daughter for those that are following. Hopefully news from Dr tomorrow :)

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  1. Hi Helen

    Glad to hear you are having a great time. Oh shocked bout the wine being confiscated, there is.a lot to be said for decanting in the park ( us last year). looking forward to reading your blog as you cruise to Dover.