Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 1 sea

After a rocking sleep, we awoke and had a quick bite to eat before
meeting up with a group of people we had been sharing tips with on the
internet site "Cruise Critic". It was great to put faces to names and we
were given name tags to wear for a few days to recognise each other as
we wander around the ship. The Captain, Cruise director, Head of
catering and some other important personnel came and spoke to the group,
which was lovely of them to take the time. We went to morning quiz time
and played in a group of just Katie and I, you can have up to 6. There
were 20 questions, and unlike at work where the 5 of us get to give an
answer, here we had to write only one answer on the sheet and at the end
give it to another team to mark!! Suffice to say we didn't win......
Being our first day at sea we ventured to the Dining Room for lunch and
shared a table with 2 other couples and over ate. Hopefully we will
control ourselves in the next few days, but the food is delicious. We
planned to go to a lecture on The Great Barrier Reef which we will be
going through in the next couple of days but had a nap
instead......priorities. Then wandered down to the arvo quiz, but the
questions were harder and we were in a team of 6, so we may just stick
to the morning one. That way we only embarrass ourselves. Katie decided
she would like to see what classes the gym offered but unfortunately we
had to walk through the spa , so ended up booking us a massage each! But
luckily there were leaflets on gym classes and spa services, so we
brought those back to he room to read further. Dinner was again in the
Dining Room and again was wonderful, seeing we have only been using the
stairs, no lifts, we indulged in dessert, who can resist Grand Marnier
Orange Souffle for me and banana and coconut sorbet for Katie. We
finished the night watching a comedian, who was quite good, he also sang
and played the clarinet. The seas had calmed and there was no rocking,
which I missed....
I am writing this on my balcony early on Day 2, with sun and calm seas
and looking forward to the rest of today......massage and formal night
being some of the things, and maybe will take a photo or two to
brighten this up.
And still no granddaughter......

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  1. You two sure know how to get the most out of life. It sounds like great fun, eating, sleeping, massage and thinking about (not actually doing) gym classes. I'd love some photos of the formal evening. The Princess sea tracker shows you in the middle of the Queensland coast. Are you getting acclimatized to the warmer weather?