Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 4 Sea

Another fun filled day and we are even starting to tan! Though today its
more just a red nose each.......We started the day with breakfast in the
dining room, which was a slower pace and the food was as usual
delicious. We then bravely ventured up to Zumba class, which is held in
the Vista lounge. There is a space near the stage which was filled and
then the whole auditorium was filled with people dancing around the
lounge chairs, 300 all up. (I will get a photo of the lounge). There
were men and women of all ages, it was great fun, worked up a sweat and
smiled throughout the whole thing. At the moment it is on every 2nd day
with line dancing being the other day, but everyone today asked if we
could have it every day at sea. Because of all the different things
happening every day venues are limited where things can be held. We
definitely needed a swim after Zumba so up to the pool we went, and just
to change things around we went to a different pool, we still have one
more to try. After the swim we watched an ice carving, very impressive.
Next was supposed to be the wacky pool games but Katie and 1 other were
the only "volunteers" and because they needed more participants (think
the concept works better with a younger demographic than on this cruise)
, it was postponed. A volley ball net was set up instead and there were
actually 2 teams of 5 each and a couple of more young folks were
discovered! So Katie isn't totally alone in her age group.

its a swan but you need to rotate your head, sorry!

from our balcony

A nice light lunch was had then we went and had a game of Scattegories,
played as singles instead of teams as there was only 7 who came but it
was lots of fun. There was a an auction with free champagne on at the
same time as well as other competing things like sun baking and scenic
cruising. Then a little relax until afternoon trivia which is always fun
and entertaining. Dinner was pizza at the Pizzeria, yummy! Then we went
to watch The Green Hornet on the MUTS screen (a huge screen on pool
deck, Movies Under The Stars) . We sat comfortably on the lounge chairs
which have been given extra padding from the day time and supplied with
free popcorn but sadly we couldn't quite hear every word spoken plus not
really our type of movie so after about 20 mins we gave
up..........instead we went down to the vista lounge for some dicey
wooden horse racing, you bet $3 on a horse, a field of 6 and four races,
and 3 of the crew dressed up to move the horses down the track. I wish
we had taken a camera cause the costumes were very funny! We also came
out ahead, so happily came back to bed, and now that we have left the
east coast and the Great Barrier Reef the seas are rocking a little bit
again, which one of us is enjoying. Katie is still taking her meds so is
actually fine as she hasn't had the wrist bands on for a couple of

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