Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 2 Sea

Began the day with a leisurely delivered breakfast on the balcony, mind
you with our balcony being on the east at the moment, it was extremely
bright with the sun reflecting off the water, but I managed to endure!
We had a quiet morning and wandered down to watch a martini
demonstration , it was very entertaining and realised we need to carry
our camera more.......Katie even won a martini but kindly donated it to
me. Interesting way to start the day! As the sun was shining, Katie
thought she might have a swim, so we went up to the pool deck for lunch.
Katie had on her bikini, but the water was a tad cool, so just got some
sun. I just lay there , looked around as we listened to a 4 piece music
group and thought , how good is all this!! Then we both went and had a
seaweed wrap with a head a back massage, that was heaven, so had an arvo
nap before we had to dress up for formal night. Another missed camera
opportunity for us, as everyone looked really good, the Captain gave a
speech, introduced the crew and there was a spectacular champagne
waterfall. After dinner we went to a show in the theatre, really good
singing and dancing. Oh..............the Captain also made an
announcement mid afternoon advising that we were only on 3
engines........just glad we are a ship not a plane!

1 comment:

  1. Nothings changed Hon ,a martini for morning tea!
    Make sure you get your bikini on at least once.