Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sailing Away

We are on the ship! We arrived at the wharf around 1.45 in what can only
be described as wet, cold, windy miserable conditions. My sister Diane
came into the terminal with us and joined the queue to book in. We were
given our cards and also a boarding number, ours was lucky 13! Once we
had that there were announcements that due to the high winds, boarding
has been delayed (guessing the gangways were swaying a fair bit) but
that they would try to get everyone on as fast as was safe. The first
lot to board after we arrived were number 7, so after that it went fairly
quickly. But we were probably there in the terminal around 90 mins or
so. Actually after the initial excitement when we saw the ship from the
Anzac Bridge (or some-where) to actually getting on board after the
delay, it was more of a relief than a total thrill.
We then came to our cabin and started to unpack our hand luggage
while waiting for our large stuff. My big bag came first so we did some
of that then had safety muster where we put on the life jackets etc.
Back to the cabin and my other bag had arrived , so we did that then
went and had a very late lunch, more afternoon tea snack. Back to the
cabin and Katie's backpack had arrived, so we asked our lovely steward
Robert for some more hangers and we we nearly done in, too much unpacking. During all our
unpacking the Captain made an announcement that we would be leaving
late, so instead of 4pm it would be 6 or so, and that once outside the
Heads there would be a 7 metre swell and some rocking and rolling during
the night but by this time tomorrow it should be calmer. Katie was
thrilled by that news, so popped a pill , put on her wristbands and off
to our late dinner we went. After dinner we came back to the cabin and
spent the night being rocked and creaked to sleep. So after a tiring day
we are looking forward to the next 53.

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  1. I hope that the sea has settled down. There was even some sun here in Sydney today. Enjoy finding your sea legs over the next few days and getting to know the hidden treasures of your floating home for the next two months. Missing you both.