Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 37 Mykonos

pretty tables
me !
Lots of cats on Mykonos, I miss Ally :)

Typical street

Katie and pelican
Famous windmill and famous me
Katie in doorway of one of many small churches
Our lunch, the juices were mixed juice and the best ever!
On the way back to ship, we should be crying actually for leaving
The Captain just announced as we were sailing out of Mykonos that the
weather was perfect and as long as he can remember there are usually 25
knot winds, and we just had no wind, a slight breeze to cool us
occasionally and a perfect temperature and blue truly is
the picture postcard you see.
Sadly we only had a couple of hours to wander aimlessly through the maze
of streets and to shop and eat! Come the end of this fabulous journey it
will be very hard to pick a favourite place, they all are treasures in
their own right so far. Mykonos is one of 2 tender ports on the way to
Dover, the other being Monte Carlo. Here you line up for a ticket at the
casino and then wait for your number to be called. Even though we docked
at 7am, Katie and I decided to sleep in a bit as no shops were open and
we needed the sleep. So by the time we had eaten breakfast and gotten
our tickets it was just after 9am, a couple of tours had first dibs on
the tender boats that were there and then we we called, each boat held
about 50 people, so it was a fairly painless wait. The trip to shore
only took 5 mins and then we were standing on a Greek Isle! Katie and I
had stopped to look at some beautiful necklaces in a jewellery shop and
she had moved on only to turn around to find me being whisked inside by
a gentleman happy to show me the piece we were looking at........he put
in around my neck and also had me put on the matching earrings, all so
very beautiful but at about $25000, not something I could buy. (but when
I win the lottery I shall return) . Although I did leave with a
different ring and matching earrings........Katie took a photo but it
doesn't do it justice but Ray from the cruise also took a photo of me
wearing it so when I catch up to him, I'll post the pic.
We are now heading to Turkey and Istanbul tomorrow, another magic port :)
I trust again that the pics show the beauty of Mykonos.


  1. Sounds like another day in paradise for the intrepid pleasure seekers. Keep having fun and know that Ally will eventually forgive you.

  2. How different is the scenery from one day to the next? Just amazing. (The food looks pretty good too.)

    I'm off on my first cruise on Sunday to the South Pacific Islands for 9 days and can't wait. Hopefully, I will be able to keep checking in on all of the world cruisers from the ship. If not I will have a lot of catching up to do when I get back.

  3. WOW what a beautfiul place, pics are great. You two look like your having a ball.