Thursday, July 21, 2011

London day 3 and 4

Exhausted would be the word of the day...........yesterday we went shopping on Oxford St and then wandered down to retrieve the missing bag and were happily reunited with our stuff, (not that any of it was exciting) but nice to know we had it. This was followed by stuffing a suitcase with about 12kg of clothes, mostly 2 big bathrobes from our ship tour and wheeling it down to the post office and posting it back home! It is due to arrive a day or so before me :)

We then came back had some lunch and wandered into St James park where we were entertained by squirrels, geese, ducks and other assorted animals. A man gave me a peanut to feed a squirrel with, very cute. Katie and I are now experts at putting up our umbrellas at a moments notice! After exercising a fraction we came back to the visitor info centre and booked a show, The Lion King, which is actually one we haven't seen, we get to see that Friday night. We also booked The London Eye, The Tower of London, The London Dungeon and our Original Bus tour. I had previously booked a tour of Buckingham Palace a few months ago, so we now have plenty of things to do!
We ate a a lovely Thai restaurant where either Charles Dickens used to eat or it was one of the very few buildings that didn't burn in the Great Fire (if it was stone), Katie and I couldn't remember which one as our driver from Dover had pointed it out a few days ago and as he had pointed out a lot of things we have melded them all together........
Fell into bed for an early start today for our hop on hop off bus tour. We took the yellow route for a sight seeing around the place, passing (in no particular order), statues of everything!, well the Duke of Wellington, Archilles, Nelson, Fuchs etc etc, also Park Lane, Pall Mall, Whitehall, Piccadilly, and a few more from the monopoly board (we are staying on The Strand). Also saw Elton John's penthouse, Maggie Thatcher's, the Queens :), The PM's........and all the other sites you could name as being "London" (Ok not all of them - we weren't on the bus for a week) We then changed routes and went out to Kensington to the 3 museums there, first stop was The Science Museum, then the V&A (for lunch) and finally a lovely look at the Natural History Museum. Being all museumed out and both of us with a ticklish throat we hopped back on the bus and saw the sites again, but with a different guide. We were going to go on a quick Thames River cruise which was free with bus thingo but after sitting on dock I decided I couldn't handle another commentary, and we will get one on The London back in room while we have a rest before deciding on dinner and if up to it might do The Eye tonight........


  1. It is early morning here but I think I need to go back to bed for a sleep as I am exhausted from hearing of your London adventures. Xxxx

  2. It all sounds amazing, glad you got your bag back. You will need another couple of months off when you get back to recover, but if your going to suffer from exhaustion best it be from enjoying yourself :)