Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 45 Monte Carlo

Took this pic for Grant
Katie in kids park :)
Lots of Nemos
Wedding garb already in museum
Thought of you Di.
Seemed like a good idea for a pic
The other lunch table, Damien, Dan, Sarah and Adam
Our lunch, yum.
Dan and his new car
The tender boat, did a bit of rocking!
The museum, beautiful building.
How tough is life to have lunch in Monte Carlo surrounded by luxury
yachts and glorious weather.........yes very! Today was a very pleasant
day, no tour and a slight sleep in, didn't have the alarm go off until
7.50am, bliss. Katie, Dan and I had planned to meet at breakfast and
then go get our tender tickets around 9.30am and wander off the ship in
search of an internet cafe to Skype Grant and Meg and my sister Diane.
Whilst at breakfast we ran in Damien who was suffering cabin fever from
sharing his cabin with his mum, dad and little brother, so we let him
tag along. Katie and co had arranged to also meet Sarah and Adam for
lunch at 12.30. Now who would have thought that Monte Carlo would have
only one internet cafe (2 computers) but no Skype on them......gee
guessing everyone must have a computer!! So sadly we have postponed our
chats until tomorrow in Barcelona, now they will have lots of internet
cafes :)
After finding no joy in the internet we made our way up the hill to the
museum and palace, it was a pleasant if slightly humid trek. Once at the
top I wanted to go into the museum and Katie nicely said she would join
me, so we left the boys to run off some energy (they are only 21 and
27). Once inside we discovered that as well as a museum it was also a
fairly new aquarium, and as Katie became enthralled when our time to
meet the boys arrived, she went out to tell them that we would see them
in another hour and a bit while we finished the aquarium and made our
way to the palace self tour. We spent a lovely time there before walking
the 5 mins to the Palace, where we were given audio headsets for the
self guided tour which we happily rushed. We are experts on quickly
viewing the pertinient things in museums and the like!
The museum and palace are in the "old" part of Monte Carlo and it was
very beautiful, there were still signs of the royal wedding from the
previous week or so. Whilst we were inside some dark clouds appeared,
which took the humidity down but didn't produce any rain luckily.
We arrived back to meet the boys only to find they had already found
Adam so the 5 of us made our way back down a differnt path to the port
to meet up with Sarah for lunch. We strolled the waterfront until we
found an outdoor cafe where we sat down for lunch. Unfortunately they
didn't do tables for 6 so Katie and I sat with 2 others from the ship we
knew from trivia who were just finishing up. Lunch was yummy, we shared
a 3 cheese crepe (camembert, mozzarella and goats cheese) and a tomato,
mozz and basil panini, washed down with a caffe frappe each.
After lunch we went and shopped in a local supermarket for wine and
stuff, and I then returned to the ship while the young-uns went for a
dip in the ocean all except Katie. We had to be back on the last tender
by 3pm before setting sail for Barcelona tomorrow.
I sat on the balcony and watched the sail away before deciding to go for
a weigh in at the gym..........luckily no weight had been gained so I
thought I would join the kids for a beer up on the deck.....I stayed for
3 beers before coming back for a bit more sitting on balcony and
contemplating how lucky I am (beer does that :-) )
Monte Carlo is a lovely place full of impressive cars apparently, the
young blokes seemed to be rather impressed but after their 15th Ferrari
and umpteenth Porsche and other cars they named that went in one ear and
out the other for Katie and I, even they became a little jaded. The
yachts were also rather flash with the private one with the matching
helicopter being the most notable, it was nearly the size of our ship!
Katie didn't get a photo of it, but I should be able to get one from Dan
or Damien.
Less than a week to go on the ship, the time seems to be flying now and
I have no idea how I am going to stuff everything into the suitcases!
We don't arrive into Barcelona until 10am tomorrow so a sleep in
again...........yay! Katie is taking advantage of that as she just came
into the room to get a couple more beers, they are 500ml cans, so she
looks like having a good night.


  1. Sounds like a great day, but interesting that this is one place you haven't said you need to come back to see again. Too much luxury perhaps? Laughed at your beer philosophy. In fact this whole blog had us smiling (for me from the cannon photo on). Louise hadn't heard about the cannon incident before and wished she'd applied this technique with her big sister Sue. Enjoy every minute of your last week on board and think, it is a week closer to meeting Scarlett in person.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to continue writing your enjoyable blogs, despite Med being so port intensive.

    Hard to believe you have less than a week to go on the ship - enjoy!