Wednesday, July 20, 2011

London Day 2

Actually can't remember what I blogged yesterday so I may repeat myself
Started the morning by needing to be out and ready by 10am to get to our
Stonehenge tour which was going to go from 11am to about 10.30 at night.
But I also had to find if and where my "lost" bag was and after about 6
phone calls I managed to locate who might have it but they had only just
got the bags that had been left at Dover so they would ring me if they
had it, and one lucky thing was they had the bags in London not Dover.......
That sorted we wandered off to breakfast which was included , choices
were great. I had porridge and toast and a lovely cup of tea! Katie had
a cooked breaky of eggs, mushrooms, toast and tea....
We then ventured to the tube to get to our tour meeting place and we
were early, but after 2 months of touring we are used to waiting around. After
getting on our bus with 48 others we were on our way to our first stop,
Bath to see the Roman baths. It was about 90 mins there and of course
raining but most of the complex was indoors, so it didn't worry us.
The scenery there was lovely and our tour guide Steve was one of the
best we have come across. Very funny and so knowledgeable, the time
flew. After touring the baths we had a bit of spare time to check out
some shops before boarding the bus and heading to the village of Lacock
to have a late lunch or early dinner (it was 4.30pm). The pub we went to
was built in the 14th century so was interesting and I had fish and chips and a pint of ale!! Katie also had a pint and a vego lasagne, both of us felt stuffed
afterwards. The group then went for a walk through the village with
Steve pointing out the different types of architecture and the whole
village is heritage listed so it was delightful. Some of the first 2
Harry Potter movies were filmed there, so for those interested, we saw
the house where Harry was born, the cloisters of Hogworts and some other
places (all lost on Katie and I).
After leaving there we drove through the amazing countryside of The
Cotswolds before arriving at Stonehenge around 7pm. Because we had
booked a special tour the site was closed and there were none of the
5,000 or more odd visitors left ,only our bus and we had the very rare
privilege of being allowed inside the stones. Our guide told us that
usually our group size was 20 and that there would be only 60 people a
week who did what we did. Steve had given us a rundown on what
Stonehenge was used for and what are myths........and when we were there
there were some archaeologists doing some germo thermal imaging of the
site and the barrows and they are still exploring  and excavatingWoodhenge and the surrounds. Katie and I both loved it and I'll be reading more about it
We left about 8pm and were entertained by Steve all the way home, he
could just look at a thatched roof and age it, he loves his history and
it was nice to have my last tour of many on this trip a good one. Our brains were so full of facts they hurt!
We fell into bed around 11pm or so with plans for the next day of rescuing my small bag (if they had it, I did miss 2 calls from them so was hopeful), finding
out how much and how to "post" a suitcase of clothes home and to check
out more of London the next day.
From my iphone


Main pool

Katie overlooking an excavation

A pig near the church in Bath


Our pub

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  1. Sounds like another day in paradise: eating, sightseeing and entertainment. Remind me to show you the rest of the painted pig herd when you come home. Make the most of the long hours of daylight while you can. Looking forward to seeing you in a week's time.