Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 49 Lisbon

Square near waterfront
Neale and Carmen
Ray and Paula
Us in our attractive headgear!
Resting halfway for photo stop
Me gripping tightly
Sangria mmmm
A very pretty street
mmmmm again
Opposite where we docked
What a beautiful city to sail into and out of, we sailed in at 12pm and
out again at 8pm, sun shining, breeze blowing, a very pretty view both
sides of harbour......
Problem being for Katie is that now we have left the smooth sailing of
the Med and are now in the Atlantic so its back to taking medication
for her and rocking beds for us (which I like).
We had a lot of fun in Lisbon as can been seen from the pics (also check
out Ray and Paula's blog for more pics). There were 6 of us, Carmen &
Neale and Ray & Paula, both couples from NZ, so for once Katie and I
were out numbered. We all got off together and had a pleasant walk of
about 15 mins up to the centre of town and the Go Car office, the man
there was so helpful and nice and before we could think about it we were
off. For some reason I got to drive ours, which had controls like a
motor bike, which I've never ridden and we had to drive on the right
hand side of the road. Luckily we drove in the middle of the 3 in our
little convoy , with Neale in the lead and Ray herding me along! We
drove for about 90 mins I think and Katie, Carmen and Paula would be
able to describe what we saw cause I was concentrating so hard I
wouldn't have a clue! There was normal traffic as well as tram lines,
cobbled streets, potholes and traffic lights to negotiate, while
listening to an audio commentary and well as
trying to keep up with Neale & Carmen and not go too slow for Ray &
Paula behind me. The only time it got a bit confusing was the left hand
turns but luckily I had Katie to remind me to go right across the road
to be on the right and not turn naturally sharp left into oncoming
traffic. But we had no close calls and the locals were pretty good with
us and overall it was great fun. I would recommend it to anyone visiting
Lisbon..............Katie did think of having a turn driving at half way
but decided I was doing such a good job, this from a girl who happily
drives in Melbourne with trams (I hate them), and prefers to drive herself.
After our return the 6 of us had lunch, with Neale having a well earned
beer and the rest of us partaking of Sangria (and food). We were full
after that and each went our separate ways to shop.......
Katie bought a new dress and we managed to find a gelati shop where we
had 2 scoops, I had lemon & basil and chai flavours and Katie had chai
and sweet milk flavour. The lemon & basil was yum, as was the chai and
the sweet milk resembled english toffee maybe, all good though.
We wandered about a bit more before returning to the ship around 6.30
and dozing a bit before Katie went up for a dip. We decided that we
didn't need dinner cause we had lunch around 4pm, and Katie has now gone
off with Dan to meet the rest for pizza (she will just watch).
Next 2 days are sea days so may not blog as am running out of internet
minutes, but we shall see. Then its France and we will be doing Honfleur
, thanks for the suggestions, I had read about it but will definitely
do it. Oh and it will be pack, pack and pack and try to get a washing
machine in the next 2 days. And then farewell to friends we have


  1. Sounds like another perfect day. Relax and enjoy your sea days and savor the time on board. Although each passing day brings you closer to meeting the youngster who has made you a Grandma! xxxx

  2. I'm back from my cruise and catching up with your travels. What an adventure you have had while I've been away!

    I can sympathise with Katie as I was also seasick on my cruise. I never thought that I would be as I had been to the Barrier Reef last year on a very bumpy boat with no problems. I suppose it's different to 9 days onboard a lumpy cruise ship. On the way home we had a 9 metre swell which made life a bit green for me! The medication helped, without it I would have been a very unhappy traveller! I had the best time for a first cruise anyway and met some wonderful people along the way.

    Your granddaughter is beautiful ♥ , I bet you can't wait to meet her.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your first cruise, despite the sea sickness. And luckily for Katie no 9 metre swells here. I can't wait to meet Scarlett and see the family and bore them with tales of the trip :) Helen.