Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 11 Singapore

Ok, I'm sorry that I have missed a couple of days but they were sea
days, which are so relaxing and similar, plus the excitement of
Scarlett's birth and well I just didn't get around to it. Thank you to
all the people who added comments to me becoming a grandma, much
appreciated. The comments part of the blog still aren't working properly
for me to reply. But I do read them all. If you have been reading other
blogs you may already know that the engine/generator problem will take 2
weeks to assess and that we have had a couple of port changes and a $200
credit per passenger for those going to Dover and beyond. A few ports
have lost an hour or so of time and we have had Muscat and Casablanca
and Abu Dhabi cancelled. But have had Salalah and Gibraltar added, plus
an extra sea day. No complaints from us as to the changes, thing happen
so you just accept them, besides any day on a cruise is great and the
ports are just a wonderful bonus.
Singapore today started at 10am when we met Katie's friend Shuling from
Uni in Melbourne who kindly acted as our tour guide for the day. We met
her and then took the MRT into Orchard Rd as a starting point, and
amusingly we "picked" up about 8 other cruisers and helped them find
Orchard Rd too. Once there they went their own way and as the weather
was raining, but not hot or steamy we stayed indoors and I went to a
fish spa where hundreds of little fish nibble your feet and lower legs.
It was ticklish but fun! That was for 30 mins and when we finished we
explored the shopping centre, and during the course of the day we went
up and down hundreds of escalators and visited numerous shopping
centres. Had a lovely lunch of Japanese Noodle cakes and Katie had a
yummy avocado smoothie and I had a carrot/apple juice. After that we
ventured to Bugis St, which was a market area a bit like the Vic Markets
but more close together, more shops and a bit of a rabbit warren, in
fact Shuling told us she sometimes gets lost in there! Then back to the
ship where we offloaded some shopping and went back ashore to try and
skype Grant, Meg and Scarlett......but no luck. Will try again in KL
hopefully. The internet here is enough to drive you batty!! Off to Kuala
Lumpur tomorrow and then Langkawi so will try to blog tomorrow but its a
long day as was today, but I do have to log on each night to get more
photos of the gorgeous Scarlett :) Just tried to upload a photo of her but it failed, so will try tomorrow!

Singapore as we sailed away

Fish nibbling my foot

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  1. Helen

    re the slow Internet. The pics that you are posting are VERY large - I would say far too large to send via the slow ship's Internet system. When we were on the P&O RTW, I had to reduce the size of photos to no larger than about 60 kilobytes - yours are close to 300 Kb.