Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 21 Sea

We we laze about!
What we see each day :)
What have we done today..........the seas have calmed from the last 2
days so we have made up time and will now arrive in Dubai tomorrow night
at 8pm not 11pm, Katie is happy as the "young" folks are intending to
find some night life! Still can't fathom why I booked a tour that
includes going up 126 odd floors at the Burj Khalifa as I really don't
like heights. Will get back to you with how I go with that.
As the seas had calmed the main swimming pool was opened up again, so we
took advantage of that after lunch. Was hot but there was a good breeze
so that kept us cool once we sunned ourselves. Even though the sea was
calmer there was still some good movement in the pool where one end
would drop by over a metre or more and the other end would overflow, as
one man said "it's like being in the ocean but without sharks". Once we
got out and read and sunned we heard an enormous roar and suddenly there
was a very low flying jet, it was so close and low, we all got very
excited! Then a few minutes later he did it again and then a third fly
over, thrilled all the folks up on deck. When the Captain gave his usual
5pm address he said it was our "friends" looking out for us. (I'm
guessing it was from the United Arab Emirates?). The Captain also
advised that the haze we have is actually sand not clouds.
And as it is now 6.15pm here but 12.20am back home, its Happy Birthday
to my baby boy Grant! Grant, I'll bring you a present when I get home
:) ( but I think he has already got the best present yet, Scarlett.)

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  1. Enjoy your time in the sandy realms of Arabia. Eat some dates but don't drink alcohol.