Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 20 Sea

An interesting day today......yes I know every day is in my mind. The
seas weren't kind to those prone to sea-sickness as we had 4 metre
swells and the day was hazy and overcast. Katie's tablets fix the
queasiness but she stills feels a bit off and is best sitting on our
balcony or up on deck 12. Tomorrow should be calmer according to the
Captain but because of our late departure from Mumbai and a 30 knot port
side wind, and the swell,and one engine down, we will now arrive in
Dubai at around 10pm instead of 2pm. (And we were already missing Abu
Dhabi and having Dubai inserted). So instead of 1 day in Abu Dhabi and 1
and 1/2 in Dubai, we now have only 1 in Dubai. Our Abu Dhabi tour had
been changed to Dubai but is now cancelled, but we still have a morning
and evening tour scheduled for Dubai (confused, join the queue). In
cases like these I am more than happy I booked most tours with Princess
as any cancellations are automatically refunded and any changes are all
done by them, which must be a giant headache on this cruise! We just
wait to hear what has changed and we go with the flow.........
We also got to Skype with Grant, Meg and Scarlett today. Skype is
blocked through the Princess site but can be accessed via the Skype app
on iPhone or iPad. We used Katie's phone so we could see them but they
couldn't see us (no big loss there!) . We will try to find an internet
cafe in Dubai but we will be 6 or so hours behind by then, so teeing up
suitable hours for all of us will get harder the further we go.
The Captain also advised we will be having a pirate drill after Dubai,
guessing it won't involve eye patches and parrots! The water cannons
(big hoses) have been up for a few days on the promenade deck, but in
this weather not sure any pirates would be lurking about. No mention of
the cyclone from a few days ago so presume the swells are a left over
from it.
An observation from today (although Katie said everyone would be aware
of it), if you like cappuccinos and lattes and cold milk on cereal etc...
start using long life milk a few days/weeks before hand to get used to
the taste, as this is all that there is (obviously!) .
I thought I should weigh myself today after totally pigging out on
Indian food and other food went to the gym (for the scales)
and first up when I stood on them they were in pounds, so that was a
huge fright. Once I got over that shock and changed it to kilos, it was
very much like a Biggest Loser weigh in.....they would go up to 87kgs
and then down to 63kgs, then up to 80kgs and down to 60kgs etc etc, all
the while fluctuating with the rise and fall of the ship! Sadly it
finally landed not at the lowest, but happily at 300 grams less than
last time I ventured to the scales. Best I check it when the seas are
calm again.......
Still haven't used the lifts and with 16 steps between decks I figure I
get a small amount of exercise a day.....up 32 to breakfast, back down
32, then down 64 and back up 64 then down 80 and back up 96 then down
32 (to room) and down another 64 and a lap or 2 of the promenade
.......etc etc. The down are fine its the up from deck 5 to ours on 11
that gets me. Hopefully by Dover I can do it and still hold a
conversation with Katie as we go to our cabin! (rather than puffing and
panting). I'm good from 7 to 11 ....well I'm better than I was on day 1 :)

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  1. Ok, you are having a fabulous time, but you have to admit, your heart must be aching to miss those early days with Scarlett. What a gorgeous baby!
    I have always found that the best time to weigh yourself is after donating blood. Is that possible on the ship? Otherwise, don't worry about your weight. When your clothes no longer fit ...... Buy some new ones.