Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 14 sea

I wasn't actually going to write anything with it being a sea day and
all, but being the trooper I am here it is...........I started the day
off being nice and quiet cause Katie wandered in around 5.30am (maybe)
after she nicely helped a couple of others put one of the "group" into
bed cause he was very very very under the weather. Not sure he has
ventured forth as yet at 5.30pm, although his little brother has advised
that he is up!
So in light of Katie's good samaritan duties I only disturbed her a
couple of times.....going out on the balcony around 8.30am, coming back
in, having a shower, leaving the room to go find some breakfast, coming
back in to get odd coins to donate to charity at pursers desk then
coming back to drop off new watch I bought. By this time she had given
up getting a few straight hours sleep so decided to get up and come to
trivia. After Trivia it was time for our 2nd Crazy Cruiser group lunch
in the MDR. At our first meeting in Jammers and also at our first lunch
Gary and Joanne had instigated the Bloody Legend Awards, these are given
out to one or two people who have done something "legendary"!! For
instance Roger got his for being a navigator when he sent a little old
lady in the totally wrong direction to where she wanted to go. I got one
today for being " a virgin grandmother extraordinaire" . They are very
clever and a lot of fun.
We are now on our way to India and are in the Bengal Sea, so we are
having some slight (or lots if you are Katie), movement on the ship, so
its back to the medication for her, she's feeling it.....
After our lovely lunch we wandered around the pool deck and happened to
pass by the Lotus Spa where they were advertising a special, so as it
was a special I booked one! A back massage followed by a facial, then
foot massage and a scalp massage, an hour and fifteen minutes later I
floated down to the quiz.
And at the last sentence I stopped yesterday...........but even though
its only 8.20am its 12.18 back home, so before the day ends I shall post
this. We had a very quiet night in the cabin, and Katie has now caught
up on 2 weeks sleep :)

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  1. Slow down on the pleasure seeking Hon, travel is supposed to be enjoyed, but I fear you are taking it too far!! Jealous...