Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 32 sea and Day 33 Suez Canal

Included our balcony rail to show how close we were

Can sort of see 2 ships following us

About half way
Suez Bridge,half of!
The sea day after Petra was nice and peaceful, washed our sneakers of
all the sand in anticipation of adding lots more at the Pyramids
tomorrow! I can't really remember what we did, maybe I wrote the blog on
Petra ? (gosh Alzheimers at sea).......
I did actually have a bit of a stuffed up nose, which considering it is
the first hint of a cold in 15 years, I can't complain. But to try and
stave it off so I wouldn't miss the pyramids I thought I take 2 night
time codral cold and flu tablets, that way I would also get a lovely
zonked out sleep. Yep I was wrong......after about an hours sleep, I
woke up around 12.30am. Thought, "that's ok, I'll just lie here and
drift back to sleep", Katie was out with her friends.....but no I was
wide awake!! So after reading the kindle and using it to browse the web
for a bit I gave up the idea of bed and got out onto the balcony about
1.30am. It was so peaceful, there were stars in the sky and all I could
think was , "here I am looking up at the stars over Egypt", but even
more amazing was when the moon came up and it was a tiny red sliver,
like a fingernail. As it got higher it lost the redness, still beautiful
and I'm glad I got to see it. At this stage we were about to drop the
anchor and park for a few hours before starting our passage through the
Suez, so I thought it time to try and get some sleep and funnily enough
so did Katie cause she came back just as I was about to turn off the
light :)
Today we went through the Suez in a convoy, we were leading and I could
see 3 huge tankers behind us but there may have been more. Katie and I
spent most of the day on our balcony just watching the bank drift by.
Some times there was only sand to look at but at other times there were
towns and bridges and monuments. I did think maybe we should be on deck
to see what was on the the other bank but then decided that I can't
worry about trying to see everything on this trip, I am perfectly happy
enjoying whatever I do see....
We docked in Port Said about 4pm and Katie and a few others have gone
ashore. I did think about going with them but decided that with my cold
lurking I didn't want to give it a chance to take hold and make me sick
tomorrow for the Pyramids! So I'll have a nice relaxing time on board,

though cleaning our room before this wasn't too relaxing.......And the
purser just announced that some local traders will be setting up stalls
on Deck 5 shortly, so if I go have a look at them that will be over 200
stairs of exercise!

Suez Monument


  1. I hope the dry desert air and a good night's sleep combine to fight off your cold. I'm looking forward to hearing about the tour to the Pyramids. I watched your progress through the Canal via the Dawn Princess bridge cam. Good idea to stay on your balcony and away from groups of people in order to fight off your cold. Enjoy some more stargazing if you can!

  2. Haven't worked out how to post comments as me. I too sat on my balcony and watched in wonder at the Suez. Our tour director said - don't bother, there's nothing but sand!!! I checked the DP's bridge cam just as you went past the Suez bridge. I did the cruise partly because of Suez so I could complete the set - went through Panama 1972. Aren't balconies wonderful...we only got ours through an upgrade but I certainly got their money's worth.

    Gail (NearEnough)