Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 13 Langkawi

Another day in paradise! A bright and early morning for our Kilim Marine
Kayak Adventure through Princess, and weren't we glad we had booked with
Princess. When reading the Princess website and in brochures it always
says that if you book with Princess for a tour the ship will wait if you
are late (but not if you book privately) .........and yes, we were late
returning! Due to the rearranging we had 3 hours less in Langkawi than
originally scheduled, our tour guides were pretty relaxed and didn't
seem to worry that we didn't really have 5 hours for the tour like
normal but only about 3. When we finally arrived back at the ship nearly
an hour late there were a few passengers glaring at us as we boarded,
but I have digressed, back to the days activities.
We boarded the bus after the usual morning of organised chaos of
getting all the tour groups off the ship with the appropriate stickers
attached and then we had about a 40 minute drive to the other side of
the island to where our tour started. The day began with a boat ride up
to a bat cave where our 2 guides (for 19 people) took us through the
cave and showed us the thousands of bats that live there, the walk into
the cave included us having to avoid the macaque monkeys who would steal
anything from you that wasn't attached. We were told not to show our
teeth, not to make eye contact, keep your glasses and hats on tight and
not to be male! The last one couldn't be avoided for some of the group,
but still one of the monkeys came and grabbed a lady's plastic bag from
her, we were all a bit on edge walking past them on the boardwalk into
the cave, including our male guide Keiran. The boat then took us further
downstream on the tidal river to a very basic floating restaurant and
fish "zoo", this is where our kayaking would begin. It was hot and humid
and after putting on our life jackets and admitting we had never kayaked
before ( which may have been obvious when i sat back-to-front in the
kayak), Katie and I were on the water and paddling away......well trying
not to go in circles! The river is quite busy with quite a lot of the
open boats seating around 10 people with outboard motors flying along
causing waves so we had to try to paddle together to make it easier for
us to be seen. Our destination was an area where eagles and kites were
being fed. We managed to paddle there and avoid being capsized, it was
so much fun, Katie was in the front and I was behind her, trying to
follow her lead. I think we would have been in the kayaks for 2 hours or
more, so after watching the eagles and admiring the beautiful scenery
and avoiding the cliffs and rocks too closely in case any wildlife
thought to join us in the kayak we headed back to a beautiful Malay
lunch, which luckily was under cover as a heavy downpour of rain came
for about 20 mins, lunch was followed by a tour of the fish zoo. Which
was about a dozen separate areas containing, sting rays, eels, huge
somethings and other fish. The stingrays were really friendly and were
up for a pat and you could hand feed them if you wanted to. (Katie did
). It was then time to leave and the time we left was actually about
the time we were supposed to board and we still had our 40 minute trip
back. When we finally rounded the last corner and saw the ship was still
there, we all cheered!!
After a shower and a nap for Katie we went to arvo trivia and then I
read a bit while Katie went up to the pool. Dinner was in the MDR (main
dining room in future), where we caught up with our dining companions
and found out what they had done for the last 3 port days, then off to
Jammers and some Wii dancing (watching for me). I left Katie there and
don't expect to see her until the early hours of tomorrow.......I'll
have to be very quiet tomorrow.....or not!
3 sea days and then Cochin, India..............

Us in the boat on the way to cave

Katie taking a photo of us in kayak, I'm filming her :)


Petronas towers in KL

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