Friday, August 19, 2011


Watching the Anzac Service
Crew at ANZAC service
Cruise around ANZAC Cove
Very attractive strawberries, that Katie had that I missed out on!
Katie's face says it all :)
View to Athens from said Acropolis
Part of a temple, maybe Nike Athena
My delightful back, I never knew when she was snapping shots of me
Should have said -  do not slip on marble underfoot as well, another sign probably did though.
Katie and Parthenon, well the bit still in Athens and not in British Museum
Lots of folks
Katie and I, we ran into Barb and Steve who took this pic
Long distance shot
Katie doing another self pic
And one of us for good measure
It's this big
Me resembling a column
Everyone else was taking a pic of it, so why not
Much needed drink after Acropolis visit
Beautiful restaurant we had lunch at
No forks, they didn't use them in ancient Greece, so we didn't get to either !
Salad starter, could have been a whole meal by itself, but no......
We also had spanakopita, this was Katie's cause I think I used my fingers like the Ancients
Saganaki and berry sauce, no cutlery must have been mine. Not often you are told to use your fingers, so I made the most of it
Treated to a dancer as well
Still on entrees as were the dishes above. I had one bit of this but wasn't too keen....
Now our mains, mainly used my fingers :)
Katie's main
And some-how we managed to stuff this in as delicious
Ok, we also found gelato......but had been shopping at Plaka and visited musuem between lunch and this discovery
Finally chose these
Waiting for bus, we took some pics at a church near the plaka
My "price is right" pose

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