Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monte Carlo

Don't think I had enough spare change to even step near the front door!
Sign did say only for kids.......
But............that never stopped  Dan or Katie
While Damien did the right thing and stayed outside the fence
While Katie and I went inside the museum/aquarium the boys did some sightseeing
Pretty eel
Nemos - had to put them here
The other wedding had just taken place
The wedding car
On the way up to the royal residence
and there it is
me and it
Lots of canons
So why not use them as props
Like so
And again
Seemed like a good idea, these were half way down the hill
And one pile had some fallen off
So Dan picked one up to fix it
So did Adam
Katie doing what the sign says
Nice boat with matching helicopter
They know how to pack buildings in to a small space
Damien, Dan, Sarah and Adam deciding on what to have for lunch
And if you yell and say smile, everyone looks up, must be used to cameras by now on the trip
Spray bottles of oil and vinegar
No tables for 6 but luckily there were friends from the boat who let us share their table, Carmen and her dad John
And we shared this mmmmm
plus this
But we could have had hod dogs instead
And even in rich places they still had blow up stuff for the kids to play on
Or toys like this
I went back to ship and the kids went for a swim
Well kids and Damien's dad
Very synchronised
And back on boat for some reason decided to take a pic of some of the turkish delight we hadn't yet eaten :)
One of our tender boats returning
some-ones private run-about
Leaving Monte Carlo
bye bye

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