Thursday, August 25, 2011

Florence and Pisa - not many pics was all a bit rushed

Field of Miracles - Leaning Tower in back
we got there early
Leaning Tower - no holding up shots , which is weird cause we did them everywhere else!
Was given a good clean a few years ago and was quite bright
Katie holding it up with her head
Me holding the fence up
Practising taking postcard shots
Nice big doors at church
Now we are in Florence, which was beautiful was rushed
Saw statue of David after this - no pics allowed museum
So next photos are of lunch, they forgot our vego mains , this was entree
This was made up main course
Dessert made up for boring main :) and I don't even like chocolate, but ate this
all these are locks folks have added
And this is why I take 2 photos every time
To get rid of other tourists wandering into the shot!
And this as well
to remove my greedy hand as Katie was trying to take the photo, this may have been the 4th attempt 

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