Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yet another Egyptian obelisk no longer in Egypt, not sure how many were originally there but they are all over Europe!

The Pantheon
We were on a private tour so got there early before the crowds and could park close
The ceiling has a hole in it , an amazing bit of architecture
Is another one of the wow places
I liked it hence the pics
In an hour or so it would have been very very crowded
That may be Katie way back there in the middle :)
Looking straight up
Yep, me way back there in that purple top.....again
The Trevi fountain
Mightn't look like it but we beat the buses and crowds by about 30 mins!
More impressive than I imagined
Actually tossing our coins in so we can return another day. Worked for Katie as she'll be back in Rome in a few weeks, I'm still working on that Lotto ticket!
My favourite things while in Europe, steps! But these are the 'famous' Spanish  steps, there were a few to the top
Up I go......
Photo stop half way up with Joanne and Gary, who arranged the tour
Striking "the pose" and as you can see not everyone walks all the way up
Nearly there, it was on levels
The top! And then we had to hurry down to get back on the mini bus
The obelisks you come across.....
And also you run into other Princess groups, this being Vicky and Mick our table mates
Not so much stairs as a ramp to go up to get some good pics of the ruins
Not sure what he is holding, but this is Ancient Rome were are looking at
Excavations, the Colosseum is further around
More, it was just funny to see them in the middle of a modern city. Well it was to me, the virgin traveller :)
Obligatory self taken photo, I gave up worrying how dopey I looked!
Inside the Colosseum, everyone knows what the outside looks like
Another shot as we walked all the way around
bit further around
Best to do one of us on the way
Ah.... ran into some of our group, so we do the swap the camera thingy
Still in Colosseum but this looks like a good photo op.
Yep it was.........
Some fallen stuff to sit on
Me too.....
That says POP........
Nearly all the way around, so time for another one
Below the level of the stage
Lunch, always good for a photo, even if it's only bread
But no it's my gnocchi too, melted in my mouth
And Katie's pizza was good too
On our way to the Vatican and museum to see stuff and St Peter's and Sistine Chapel, like a lot of places we went to there are  no pics of the ceiling allowed
Part of museum, the Vatican was full of "stuff" the church had "collected"over a great many years!
They like the Pantheon so much, many copies were done
A few treasures
Liked to paint or tile the floors, walls and ceilings!!
A copy of the dome was the Vatican
Something we couldn't even get near cause of the rope
We got kinked necks in this place, I felt for Michelangelo after we saw the chapel ...ha ha
Just some more to geek at
and so on
yup you guessed it
Katie must have zoomed in a tad
Bored yet?
Nearly done cause we are just about at the entrance to the Sistine Chapel so have to turn cameras and phone off
Last one
Ah outside, and this is one of the Swiss guard that protect the Vatican
Looking back, the Pope didn't come and see us though, never mind
Did see some interesting spelling around the places though
Last photo stop on the way back to the ship of Rome

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