Friday, August 19, 2011


Positano, so pretty and I need to return to spend more time there
Just in case you flicked past the first pic :)
Some random unknown lady and I.....
Katie doing the holding pose, just about has it perfected now
The town
We are down near the sea, the houses hug the cliffs
OK, well this one is a little different from the previous one, it has some beach in it
What more gelati? Really.....
2 grey parrots at the bus stop
More boring scenery.........
Our lunch venue at Sorrento, this was one hard day

Katie and I posing
simple and yummo
more entree.....and yes we ate a lot on this trip
It was Katie's birthday and yes she did share this with everyone!
They surprised her with it and the candle....
That would be Mt Vesuvius in the background
Still at luncheon venue
Now at Pompeii, walking around to walk off said lunch
Amazing place
Me looking suitably touristy with our wonderful guide Claudia
One of the many streets, some are still to be excavated
Katie standing on a stone
More streets
Not sure, forgotten already......oops
No roofs on anything .....well except one thing further on, the ash was too heavy
Courtyard of a house
Picture  of what was available in the brothel, not everyone could read back then
There was a whole menu
One of the beds, hope they had a mattress

And they must have been short.......or else.......
My back is in it so I'm posting it :)
Just cause
Above Katie's hand is a symbol directing you to a business, a larger symbol on the ground is in next picture
Guess the business
Some columns......we didn't get to see all of Pompeii so I need to return here as well to wander some more
Open square with Vesuvius in background
My arms must have been too tired to do the holding up pose
Another pic of the Mountain
Me and the birthday girl
Cast of one of the towns folk who didn't manage to escape, most of them did
Another one
Bath house, recently renovated
Only building with a roof
Still can see colours
Streets were amazing and unreal
Katie's birthday that night
A cake from Princess
A kiss from her mum :) xx
The birthday table.....all in all a magic day in Naples

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