Sunday, August 14, 2011


Burj.......buildings on  left are normal high rise office blocks
The first height fear I conquered on the trip.....
The views were worth it
Me bravely at window edge
Shots from our 4wd desert much fun
See......genuine happy face:)
and again
Katie always has a beautiful smile and photo.
more proof
us looking happy
sunset was brilliant
Camels at the camp
Always wanted to ride a camel.......and I want to again
bit blurry......
waving to all our fans
love this photo, am eating a date and drinking coffee
our tatts!
food was yummy
brilliant young belly dancer, gorgeous and mesmerising
for those that wanted to partake of apple or other fruity flavoured tobacco......(only legal stuff)
my tattoo, the bit on my hand lingered for days after the rest had gone, was a lovely colour!!
Some camels we met while the tyres were deflated on our cars
if Katie had a pic I usually did too :)
they were very cute

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