Sunday, August 14, 2011


Love the Tourist Police.....they were in a lot of places we visited
You only get 2 guesses for what this is
The guy had this head gear on me in 20 secs max
The smallest of the 3, the one we went into
And came out of
Entrance to went down and down some more
Me outside it, trying to show its size
Katie holding it up, we held a lot of things up like this :)
2nd biggest, with some of its marble cap still there for the moment
Nice touristy shot, we need these for proof of what we did!
Sphinx and pyramid......I like stating the obvious
On way to Sphinx
Amusing ourselves shot
And more of that
Not so staged a photo :)
Sphinx and Great Pyramid
Me and it
Katie and it, she is fitter and can stand on high walls
Butt of Sphinx
Big sandstone block
Squatter slums in Cairo
High rise a la Cairo
Katie in large chair at Marriott Hotel where we had lunch

Me in other chair, we got bored waiting for the others to finish lunch

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